Cheap holiday cottages in Devon; we've got the info you need!

Cheap holiday cottages in Devon are pretty plentiful so all that really needs to be done is to find the very best deals on the very best cottages. This may sound like a huge mountain to climb but it can all be made very easy with the right website to guide you.

We did quite a lot of searching online and eventually found what we consider to be the best website for low cost Devon cottages. Just hit up the 'Easy Cottages' website and let's see what they can do for you.

The whole website really just revolves around a search engine. Like most modern website in the holiday field you really don't need much more. All you need to do is specify your preferred dates, location and party size. Once you have inputted all these details, the website will search for the best matches and you just choose the whatever suits best.

We found a great deal on Friars Cottages in Wheelwrights Kentisbury Ford, North Devon. This is the perfect countryside cottage and has everything you could need. It is self catering but you will have all mod cons so don't bother bringing the gas cooker. The bedrooms are beautiful, comfortable and spacious and the bathrooms are stocked with toiletries.

This four star graded cottage also offers a dishwasher, Shower, Washing machine and television. Should you need a cot for a baby you can also ask and they will provide. 7 nights at Friars all for only £800, the cottage will sleep two adults and two kids so you really won't find better value.

Hit up the Easy Cottages website and see what you can find, it makes finding cheap holiday cottages in Devon a pleasure.

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