How to Find Cheap Holiday Caravans

Cheap holiday caravans and holiday parks have been popular in the UK for decades, even in spite of the cheap flights that we have available to use these days. There are various good reasons for this as well. When you have to pay for flights for a family of four, for example, it quickly starts getting expensive, no matter how cheap the flight prices are. Also, if you are tired of flying or have a fear of airports, cheap holiday caravans may be exactly what you're looking for.

Holiday caravans are very comfortable these days, so those who haven't stayed in such a place before may be surprised. They have all of the luxuries and home comforts that an apartment has, albeit in a smaller space. You can expect modern fully-equipped kitchens as well as showers and toilets. Holiday parks themselves often provide extra facilities such as swimming pools, gyms or more.

One of the most well-known holiday park companies in the UK is Haven. You can find special last-minute summer deals as well as short breaks throughout the UK at haven.com. Holiday prices typically start at around £449 for a whole family for the week. Cheap holiday caravans are available with two to three bedrooms, sleeping 6 to 8 people.

Park-resorts.com also offers some reasonable deals with even lower prices available than Haven. Last-minute deals for the school holidays and various other times throughout the year start at under £300 for seven nights. They also frequently advertise shorter breaks of 3 to 4 days for under £100.

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