Cheap golf holidays including flights here!

Cheap golf holidays including flights are the perfect getaway for golf enthusiasts. Summer is here and the season for golf is all kicking off. People are getting breaks from work to go away on a golfing holidays so let's make the whole trip a lot less difficult to organise with an all inclusive package deal.

We found that the First Choice (http://www.firstchoice.co.uk) website is the way to go on this one. They offer fantastic all inclusive holidays to basically anywhere in Europe. We found their best offering to be the Holiday Village Viva. This is a beautiful hotel in Majorca just minutes from the world famous Alacanda Golf course.

It will cost you £900 for two people to stay at the hotel, of course this includes your flights. You will have to pay for the golfing separate as it is not part of the hotel grounds. They will do everything to accommodate you though so you can do all your booking at the hotel if you wish.

The hotel has everything you would expect from a top notch 4 star establishment. En-suite bathrooms, large televisions, drinks facilities, large comfortable beds, hair-dryer, and of course free wifi.

Your flights go from London direct to Palma Mallorca and return a week from the day you arrive. This flight will take two of you, economy style on Thomson airlines to Palma. You are saving a small fortune by going with a package deal so be sure to get this while it's on offer.

If you want to see listings of the prices for Alacanda then just hit up their website, (http://www.golf-alcanada.com) here you will find all the price listings but for a basic 18 hole tour it is around £90. This will get you a day on the world famous greens and fairways of Alacanda, what more could you ask for?

There you have it cheap golf holidays including flights in the price, check out First Choice to see what they can do for you.

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