The best sites offering cheap golf breaks in Portugal

Cheap golf breaks in Portugal

Looking to tee off on a Golfing holiday somewhere where you can catch a bit of sun? Portugal is blessed with year-round sunshine, and it is also a fantastic place to golf with a huge number of courses for all levels of skill. In this blog, we are going to help you score a birdie by grabbing cheap golf breaks in Portugal that provide quality and some last memories. So lets check out some sites offering these breaks.

The number of golf courses is always on the rise in Portugal with some of the world's biggest pros lending their designing skills to make some truly memorable 18 hole courses. A site specialising in just Golfing holidays is www.yourgolftravel.com and you simply have to select Portugal as your destination to check out the deals they have in place. Your Golf Travel are perhaps the largest provider of golf holidays online, and their dominant market position puts them in a brilliant place to offer fantastic deals. They are well worth a look.

Another site with some fantastic links to deals in Portugal is Golf Breaks at www.golfbreaks.com. Once again, simply click on Portugal to get a full idea of what they are offering. The Algarve in particular is the strength of this site, so check them out to secure a great deal.

A site set up to directly cater for Brits looking for Portuguese golfing holidays is www.algarve-golf.co.uk/ and they have some unbelievable deals on courses along the Algarve. We highly recommend them as a serious option for you to book with.

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