The very best cheap frerries

It can be difficult tracking down really good cheap frerries deals. The internet is awash with websites claiming to have the best offerings but they quite often turn out to be just average.

When it comes to cheap ferries, Norfolk Line (www.norfolkline.com) is the best of the bunch. They have lots of great offerings and savings on ferries to France. The ferry crossing takes around 2 hours to get to France but you will not be bored on your crossing, no sir!

The Norfolk Line has won many awards for their service and they offer a huge range of activities on board. Whether you are spending time shopping or having a great meal in the restaurants, your time on board the Norfolk line will be second-to-none.

Norfolk Line are the only ferry company offering a direct ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. Not only that but they offer trips at prices that other ferry companies just cannot compete with.

We did a test run of their booking system and found a trip for two return after three days in France for only £42 a head! This even includes getting your vehicle across with you so there is no need for a rental car. Spending only £42 on a ferry leaves a lot of extra cash knocking around to really enjoy your holiday or to enjoy the on-board facilities.

A ferry is not only a great way to travel but it is so cheap. The ferry opens up many great options like bringing a vehicle with you, this is something that you just can't accomplish when flying commercial airlines. Check out Norfolk Line and see if you can find the best cheap frerries.


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