How to Find Cheap Flights from UK

There are many websites that offer cheap flights from UK. Websites like Cheapflights.co.uk and Expedia.com have many deals and offers listed in their homepage. If you have no specific destination in mind, then you can choose the cheapest deal offered. You can also get last-minute deals that have a complete discounted flight and hotel package.

In Expedia, the cheapest destination from London is Rome for only £82, next is Barcelona at £86. The most popular flight and hotel package from is from London to Milan at £223. For a bargain package holiday for 7 days, Mallorca is the best choice at £138. Last minute flight offers to Amsterdam and Prague only cost £61, departing within the next two weeks.

Cheapflight’s homepage categorized destinations to beaches, city breaks, or long-haul deals. You can also pick a flight by continent or by popular countries. Their cheapest last minute European break is at £143 from London to Glasgow for two nights. If you want a 7-day Greek holiday, go to Crete for £218. If you want to travel farther, their cheap long haul flights include Dubai, New York, and Cairo at £319.

To get to know the prices, you need to enter your airport of origin and then your destination. Of course, always choose the economy flight and economy hotels if you’re serious about cutting back on expenses. If you’re a frequent traveler, register at Yapta.com where you can monitor the prices of your desired destination. You will be alerted through email if there has been a price drop that’s within your budget.

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