Where are the best places to get cheap flights to Turkey?

Are the alluring eastern charms of Turkey calling out to you ahead of your next holiday? This fascinating country, which straddles the border between east and west, is a fantastic holiday destination, and it promises a much cheaper holiday experience, especially if you can snag a cheap flight! This blog is all about helping you to achieve that aim as we share some of the best sites offering cheap flights to Turkey.

Turkey has been in vogue as a holiday destination for quite some time now, and flights to the airports at Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya are generally available daily from most UK airports. The UK's two largest package flight companies, Thomson and Thomas Cook, both fly to Turkey daily from a range of UK airports, and we suggest checking out both of their sites as your starting point at www.thomsonfly.com/ and book.flythomascook.com/. Both of these sites are extremely easy to use, and should lead to some splended bargains.

We are massive fans of Sky Scanner here, and most of the time it will be able to turn you up a bargain deal through use of their flight search engine at www.skyscanner.net. The one thing with this site is that sometimes the flights won't be direct, but if you don't mind a little bit of adventure, then this is the site for you.

Another site that offers a similarly comprehensive service is Travel Supermarket, and you can check out their flight search engine at www.travelsupermarket.com.

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