Cheap flights to Turkey

Turkey is a mysterious place that has a mix of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, as well as an exotic atmosphere that adventurous travellers would love to feel. The country has some of the best beaches, trendiest nightspots, finest dining places, and biggest shopping markets.

The primary gateway to Turkey is Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul’s major international airport, located in Yesikoy, on the European side of the city; it’s 15 kilometres southwest of the city centre. Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is another gateway into Istanbul, but with a smaller terminal capacity than Ataturk; Sabiha is on the Asian side of the bi-continental city.

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Fly via Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey, based on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport; currently, Turkish Airlines has discounted flights to Istanbul for certain travellers, like a 25% discount for elderly travellers aged 65+, and also for students on domestic flights. For cost-conscious travellers, there are also economy-fare flights.

SkyEurope is a Czech-based, budget-fare airline that offers limited routes in Central Europe, including cheap Istanbul flights. Germanwings, Tulfly, and airberlin (Germany), MyAir (Italy), and easyJet (U.K.) are all budget-fare carriers offering low-cost Turkey flights.

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