Finding Cheap Flights to Tenerife

Tenerife has long been a popular holiday destination and these days it is more affordable than ever. Tenerife is also an ideal place to go for a winter holiday, since it is fairly warm all year round. Whether you are going in the middle of the summer or to enjoy an off-season bargain holiday, there's plenty of cheap flights to Tenerife.

The two main budget airlines in Europe are Ryanair and Easyjet, the latter having by far the largest number of flights to Tenerife. There are also other airlines flying there, but few are quite so cheap. If you book a package tour, flights are included in the price, often making them a cheap alternative.

Most flights connecting the UK to Tenerife are operating by Ryanair. It is quite a long flight, so prices are rarely as cheap as they are to destinations in the Mediterranean. Ryanair flies to Tenerife South from Luton, Stansted, Doncaster, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Bournemoth and Birmingham. For all of these departure points, prices start at £30.99 for a one-way flight. This does not include any extra fees or taxes, so you will need to effectively double such a price to get a more accurate estimate. Find out the latest flight prices at Ryanair.com.

Easyjet has cheap flights to Tenerife with prices averaging £100 for a one-way ticket from Gatwich, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh. Find out more at easyjet.com.

If you go for a package deal, Thomas Cook provides many options for the Canary Islands. Check out flythomascook.com for the latest prices and promotions.

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