Need to book cheap flights to Switzerland from Gatwick?

Gatwick is London's second biggest airport in passenger numbers and a convenient option for travelling to various Swiss cities. Airlines such as British Airways, Thomas Cook and Easyjet operate scheduled flights to the central European country. Here's a look at your current options for booking cheap flights to Switzerland from Gatwick airport.

British Airways operate seasonal flights from Gatwick to Geneva in the winter months, in order to service the ski holiday market. Flights in January start from around £110 for a return flight per person, all taxes and fees included. This is a good option for those taking heavy luggage, for instance skiing equipment, as BA offer generous baggage allowance.

Easyjet also fly to Switzerland, and offer regular return flights from Gatwick to Zurich for as little as £55 for a return flight. This is a good option for those who need to travel year round to Switzerland rather than just in the winter season, so ideal for those visiting on business. However remember that if you check in luggage with Easyjet on this route, you will have to pay an extra £18 per bag. Similarly, sports equipment such as skis incur a surcharge of £25. So your trip on Easyjet could well end up costing more than full-service airlines such as BA.

Easyjet can also take you to Basel-Mulhouse airport, on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France. This return journey costs from around £45 per person, though discounts may be available for early bookings. Basel is a great option for those who wish to take in an historic city or travel into south-west Germany or the Alsace region of France. Other airlines to operate cheap flights to Swizterland from Gatwick include Monarch and Thomson.

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