Grab your cheap flights to Spain from Dublin right here

If you are searching for cheap flights to Spain from Dublin, search no more! Here, we have done the hard work for you, check out our suggestions on how and where you can grab your budget airfares between Dublin and a number of different Spanish cities.

A great place to kick-start your Dublin-Spain airfare search is by logging onto the website of Ryanair. This is an Irish low-cost airline and it operates several flights between Dublin, the capital city, and Spain. If you are travelling in the month of May, you can find flights to Madrid starting from £125 return, Barcelona from £153 return, Fuerteventura from £140 return, Tenerife from £190 return and Valencia from £130 return.

Being a budget airline, Ryanair does not provide free reserved seating or on-board meals. You also have to be weary of the luggage limits, as you can be hit with pretty hefty charges if you are found to have exceeded the weight restrictions. Check their website for more details.

Another low-cost airline you can check out is Aer Lingus. This is another Irish-based company and they, too, cover the Dublin to Spain flight path on a regular basis. You can find airfares in May from Dublin to Madrid from £79 return, Barcelona from £97 return, Fuerteventura from £185 return and Alicante from £106 return.

Please note that all prices quoted in this article are subject to change, based on availability at time of booking.

A handy hint: to maximise your savings on your cheap flights to Spain from Dublin, try to book your tickets as far in advance as possible. And if you can afford to be flexible with your travel dates, this certainly helps the cause, too!

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