Cheap Flights to Rome

Rome’s chief international airport is the intercontinental Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, more commonly known as Fiumicino Airport, because it's located in the general area of the nearby commune of Fiumicino. In the southwest of Rome, Fiumicino Airport is easily accessible via car or express train, and is only 35 miles from the heart of the city. The airport was able to service a capacity of more than 31 million travellers in 2007.

Another airport, the older Rome Ciampino Airport, is a joint civilian and military airport located near the commune of Ciampino; in the southeast of Rome, this airport services mostly charter flights, though it has been revived as a hub for budget airlines. It had a capacity of about 5 million travelers as of 2007.

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Alitalia is the flag carrier for Italy and it services 74 international and 28 domestic destinations; like other European airlines, Alitalia also offers budget flights in and around Europe. There are no carriers that offer more competitive, no-frills economy flights to Rome than Alitalia.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, offers flights to most major EU cities; easyJet is another large, European cut-rate carrier. Both Ryanair and Easyjet offer no-frills budget flights, with unassigned seats, no complimentary food, no connecting flights. Passengers pay the airfare only; you can get extra services for an additional fee.

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