Cheap flights to Prague from London’s Luton Airport.

Cheap flights to Prague from Luton

You’ll find quite a list of airlines that fly from the UK capital to the capital of the Czech Republic and if you book in advance, it’s quite easy to bag a bargain. But if you’re specifically looking for cheap flights to Prague from Luton airport, you’re limited to rapidly expanding Hungarian carrier Wizz Air, who provide low-cost air transport to and from Central and Eastern Europe.

Wizz Air (wizzair.com) operates daily evening cheap flights to Prague from Luton plus a 7.30 morning flight for early birds five times a week. For example, a flight to Prague from Luton Airport departing on the 15th of November and returning on the 23rd, costs just £24.99 for the outward journey and £33.99 for the return journey. That’s a total cost of £58.98 before optional charges.

If you’re a frequent flyer with Wizz Air, it pays to join their Wizz Xclusive Club. You pay £25.49 per year but your flights are discounted. For example, the above mentioned flight comes in at £41.98 for club members. Fly twice with Wizz and you’ve easily paid for your membership.

One good thing about booking cheap flights to Prague from Luton with Wizz Air is their baggage policy. It’s similar to other budget airlines in that you pay a fee but you’re given up to 32 kilos weight allowance, so if you’re a student returning home or if you’re visiting friends or family and like to take gifts you won’t be hammered with excess baggage fees.

We found Wizz Air’s website easy to use and you can also book a shuttle service from the airport to the city centre with the airline and look at their accommodation offers.

So if, for convenience or for whatever reason, you’re looking at cheap flights to Prague from Luton, Wizz Air is a good option. Have a good trip!

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