Cheap flights to Prague from Dublin for a weekend

Cheap flights to Prague from Dublin cost from just €100 for weekend break away. www.aerlingus.ie

Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic with a population of 1.3 million. Prague has become a very popular tourist destination. There is a number of famous tourist cultural attractions that include the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter and the Lennon Wall. There are many more historical exhibits along with countless theatres, galleries, cinemas, and museums. Because of its rich history, this has made Prague a very popular tourist destination which receives more than 4.1 million international visitors annually. Take a trip to the Old Town City Hall where you can climb the stairs to the top and enjoy a beautiful view of Prague's centre from a height of almost 70 metres. The range of shops and stores in Prague is very broad. You will fins just about anything you need. In the historic centre you will fins stores that sell glass, porcelain, ceramics, Czech garnets, wooden toys and handcraft products.

You will find your cheap flights to Prague from Dublin will cost from just €100 and accommodation can cost from just €23 per person per night staying at the Globus Hotel which is situated 4km from the city outskirts. The international airport is just 25km away. Nearby the Hotel you will find various shops, cafes and restaurants. Guests may park their car in the hotel garage. Breakfast is also included in the room price.   www.hotel-globus.cz/en/






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