Cheap Flights to Portugal

Portugal is a European country that offers lots of amazing summer treats. The Algarve area is particularly well-known for its sunny beaches, sprawling golf courses, and luxury villas available for rent to British travellers. Lisbon, Portugal's historical capital city, is a holiday hotspot you must visit; enjoy al fresco dining and shop at trendy boutiques or visit the numerous nighttime hotspots for fun and entertainment. Portugal’s beaches are a favourite place for a holiday because the temperate seas and balmy climate are perfect for water sports and sunbathing.

Pay amazingly low prices for Portugal flights and fly to Evora, Lisbon, Faro, Francisco Sa Carneiro (Porto), or Santa Cruz.

Your gateway to Portugal is the Portela Airport or the Lisbon Airport, also known as Aeroporto da Portel, located within the city limits of Lisbon. Portela Airport is the main international gateway to Portugal and is the main hub of TAP-Portugal and Portugalia.

TAP-Portugal is the flag carrier of Portugal; it offers economy class trips to and from Lisbon and other major Portugal cities. When travelling economy class, you're allowed to carry a duly labelled piece of hand luggage not exceeding 45 in and not heavier than 13 lbs. Also for economy class flights, most beverages are available for no extra charge. Blankets, pillows, writing paper, postcards, and some games are also available.

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easyJet is also one of Europe’s largest low-cost carriers offering Lisbon flights. easyJet offers no-frills, budget flights, with unassigned seats, no complimentary food, and no connecting flights.

SkyEurope (Czech-based) is another budget airline that offers limited routes in Central Europe, including Lisbon flights. You can also check out bmibaby, a British low-cost airline that services routes in Europe that include Lisbon flights.

Other budget-fare carriers offering cheap flights to Portugal are airberlin (Mallorca), Clickair and Vueling Airlines (Spain), Centralwings (Poland), Sterling Airlines (Denmark), and Transavia (Netherlands).

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