Where to get the best cheap flights to Paphos

Are you thinking of exploring the Greek resort of Paphos on your next holiday abroad? Thanks to the huge selection of airline flying here, it's perfectly possible to pick up cheap flights to Paphos, and in this blog we are going to show you the best places to check out to find them, so lets take a look!

Paphos is a hugely popular resort with British holidaymakers, and the year-round sunshine and laid back lifestyle make it a fantastic place to holiday. Flights there can be found for an extremely reasonable price, and we suggest checking out Thomas Cook as your first port of call as they are offering to get you there for just £54.99 in their current special offer at book.flythomascook.com. To see the full range of airports they fly from to Paphos, simply visit their site and select your airport.

Another site offering fantastic deals on Paphos flights is Sky Scanner, and you can check out their selection at www.skyscanner.net. Simply select the airport you wish to travel from and their flight search engine will do the rest. The cheapest fare we could find at the time of writing was £82, but it is worth persisting with as bargains pop up all the time on there with no prior warning.

Another fantastic site that is well worth five minutes of your time is Travel Supermarket and their extensive cheap flights section at www.travelsupermarket.com. Travel Supermarket compares the prices of 50 different airlines to get you the best deal on Paphos flights, so they are well worth a look.

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