Lookig for cheap flights to Oz from Dublin?

Even though it's on the other side of the world, securing cheap flights to Oz from Dublin isn't an impossible task, you literally have hundreds of different options to try and get a good deal on a flight. So lets take a good look at the deals out there.

Obviously there are no direct flights between Dublin and Australia considering how far away it is. You will be looking to catch a couple of connections enroute, with most Irish travellers connecting through the hub at Heathrow. However, it is possible to do the journey in just one stop.

Etihad Airways operate a non-stop flight from Dublin to Dubai, where it's then possible to connect directly to Sydney with the same airline. You can check them out online at www.etihadairways.com. Generally, prices for a return trip come in at over €1,000 with no real "Peak Season" considering the differences in the seasons with the Hemispheres.

Your two other options will both see you connecting through Heathrow. Cathay Pacific are currently offering return flights for around €1,200 which you can find on http://www.skyscanner.ie. You will connect in Bangkok from Heathrow, and land in Sydney.

Qantas offer a similar deal, with a variety of choice for where you'd like to connect. Your options include Bangkok, Mumbai, Singapore, and even Tokyo. You can find all of their deals online at www.qantas.com.au.

Hopefully this blog has helped you secure cheap flights to Oz from Dublin! Happy travels!

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