Cheap Flights to Orlando

Orlando is the biggest city in Florida, and is home to every child's dream holiday -- Walt Disney World. Kids and kids-at-heart can cavort with their favourite cartoon and fairy tale characters; it’s almost like entering your very own magical kingdom! Aside from Disney, though, there are other popular holiday theme parks, such as Sea World and Universal Studios.

A host of classy golfing resorts and clubs, top-notch retail outlets and shopping facilities, and luxurious accommodations also make Orlando a fantastic place to visit.

Within the city there are three main airports: Orlando International Airport, Orlando Sanford International Airport, and the smallest of these, Orlando Executive Airport, which is used for charter flights and general aviation.

Southwest Airlines, the pioneer in low-cost travel, has budget-fare flights in and out of Orlando. It also offers special cut-rate fares if you book the flights several days ahead. Other U.S. airlines with budget-fares between Florida and other U.S. cities include JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and AirTran.

A no-frills flight usually means unassigned seats, no complimentary snacks or newspapers, smaller food portions in meal boxes, no connecting flights, and no entertainment or meals on short-haul flights.

All major airlines that have long-haul flights, particularly British Airways and KLM, offer economy class and premium economy travel between London and Orlando.

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