Need Cheap flights to Mumbai from Heathrow?

India's most cosmopolitan and vibrant city Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India. A financial and cultural capital, the booming city boasts stunning architecture, a sultry, tropical climate, as well as the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. So if you need cheap flights to Mumbai from Heathrow, here's your current options.

Air India fly direct from Heathrow to Chhatrapati Shivaju International Airport in Mumbai. One way flights excluding taxes and fees start from £87 per person. Return flights featuring all taxes and fees, however, total around £459 during the summer, making this a cheap flight option for visiting the Indian metropolis. Air India's delicious in-flight food is a tasty blend of European and Indian cuisine, and their high levels of hospitality ensure that your flight will be comfortable and stress-free.

British Airways, meanwhile, also operate flights between Heathrow and Mumbai. Prices on the British national carrier start from around £569 per person for a return flight including all taxes and airport fees. This is a good option for those seeking to fly with a UK based airline.

A new competitor on this route is the exciting new airline Kingfisher. This Indian carrier can take you from London to Mumbai from only £619 for travel during August.

Alternatively, Jet Airways also fly from London to Mumbai for as little as £568. With almost twenty year's experience flying to India, this airline have the local knowledge and advice to ensure you get to grips with India upon landing. The airline also offers a range of hotels in Mumbai for those who need a place to stay. Take advantage of cheap flights to Mumbai from Heathrow now!

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