Cheap Flights to Morocco

Your first steps in Morocco will be on the tarmac of the Mohammed V International Airport in Nouasseur, a town in south east Casablanca. The airport services flights from all over Europe, and is the base of operations of Royal Air Maroc, the country's flag carrier. Royal Air Maroc flies once to and from such destinations as Nice, Madrid, and Lisbon, around two to four times daily.

If you can do without royal treatment, fly Clickair, a Spanish airline with its hub in Barcelona. You’ll also be able to fly cheap from Valencia, Seville, or Malaga, on an Airbus A320-200.

The Marrakech-Menara Airport in Marrakech is another stopover for international flights. This is where Europe's largest budget airline, Ryanair, lands from the London Luton airport on its Morocco flights.

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Both airports service Jet4you’s Boeing 737-400s and Boeing 737-800s, which fly once daily to and from France, Belgium, and Italy. This low-cost airline has been crossing the skies since 2006, and it plans to expand its network to other European cities.

Another of Europe’s largest budget airlines, easyJet, also flies in and out of both airports. From the London Gatwick airport, you can get on a single, no-frills Morocco flight any day of the week. You can purchase snacks on the plane, as well as choose your seat as you board.

From France and the Netherlands you can get to Morocco on a single budget-fare flight daily through transavia.com.

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