Save with cheap flights to Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a buzzing, frenetically cool place that oozes charm and mystery. It is a city that combines Asian atmosphere with a Spanish influence, making it entirely unique. And cheap Manila flights will allow you to experience it for next to nothing. So, read on to discover how to get to a city like no other on a budget you would not believe!

That said, Manila might catch the casual visitors unaware - particularly anyone not used to the crowds and congestion that is Asia. The city was partially destroyed in World War II and what has risen is special in very many ways. It is city that combines the new with old and has plenty for every tourist to discover.

Manila's Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the main airport serving Manila and is located around four miles (7km) south of the centre of the city. There is simple and frequent access to the city centre as well with both buses and trains leaving at regular intervals. There are also taxis readily available.

Return flights from London to Manila are really much cheaper than you might think. Manila is a hub and the frequency of flights drives down costs quite nicely! For example, a return flight form Heathrow with Air China in July will only set you back £690 and a return flight from Gatwick with Emirates will cost you about £760.

Although the flight costs might look quite high, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  • It is a long trip and your money is being well spent
  • The Philippines is very cheap once you get there so your flight costs will be recouped in no time. It is the opposite of holidaying in Europe!


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