How to Obtain Cheap Flights to Malaga From Birmingham

There are ways to save money when trying to book cheap flights to Malaga from Birmingham.

When to Travel

Airlines and travel companies work on a supply and demand business model. Avoid flying at peak holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and School Holidays as these naturally busy times of year will have the highest premiums.

The time of the week with the most chance of obtaining a cheap flight to Malaga from Birmingham is late at night or midweek. This avoids the business travellers on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons and the majority of tourists who travel at weekends.

Book Direct

By booking direct with an airline, you may avoid paying extra third party charges.

Payment Method

Many airlines and travel companies charge for using a debit or credit card when booking a flight online. However, by law they have to provide at least one free option. Find out in advance what the free option is. Open a basic account at this bank simply to obtain the debit or credit card.


Possibly the easiest and quickest way to find cheap flights to Malaga from Birmingham is to look online. There are many airlines and travel companies offering discounted flights online. Simply type in your details and most websites will perform a price comparison to offer you the best possible deal.


Visit expedia.co.uk, one of the longest serving travel websites, for up to the minute flight offers from Birmingham to Malaga.


As well as offering a price comparison search engine, kayak.co.uk provides an excellent world map highlighting the best available flight deals at the moment.

With some careful planning and research it's possible to find cheap flights to Malaga from Birmingham.

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