Where to Find Cheap Flights to London From Glasgow

Cheap flights to London from Glasgow are easier to find online than ever before, and a number of flight comparison sites work to make it easier for online consumers to browse for cheap flights. These sites turn you into your own travel agent, and you can browse results from multiple providers at a single glance.

The first site we visited was skyscanner.net and a search for cheap flights to London from Glasgow yielded 783 results! The most affordable of these flights started at £36.00 per person for a return ticket. This flight used Ryanair for both legs of the journey, and leaves Glasgow on the 4th of October and returns from London on the 6th of October. If you find a flight you like at this site it's easy to book it online, just click the green 'book' button to get transferred to the airline's website.

Easyjet.com is our next stop and this site also listed some really affordable flights, in early November you could fly from Glasgow to London for as little as £18.99, and return flights start from approximately £22.00. This means you could fly both ways for just under £41.00. October is another very affordable month to fly with Easyjet, and ticket prices start at around £19.00 and go up to £25.00.

It seems as if Ryanair and Easyjet are two of the major players when it comes to finding cheap flights to London from Glasgow, so be sure to check both sites for cheap rates before you book elsewhere.

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