Cheap Flights Available to London from Edinburgh

Cheap flights to London from Edinburgh

Many people like to getaway and have a cheap flight to London, and this can include people flying from Edinburgh. You can find cheap flights easily by looking at cheapflights.co.uk to find the cheapest airfare during the time that is selected. There are certain times of the year when prices are higher, but there are definitely last minute specials during peak times as well.

Choices of Flights

There are deals for cheap flights to London from Edinburgh and depending on the time frame these prices can be significantly lower during certain times of the year. During late October there are flights from £56 round trip per person including taxes. This equates to only £28 per person each way, based on a round trip ticket.

There are also great one way and round trip tickets available on easyjet.com from London to Edinburgh. The fares during the time of October to January run from £19.99 per person per way including all taxes and airport fees. Many people book one way trips if they do not know when they will return or if they do not plan on returning. These flights are typically cheaper on Monday and Tuesday of each week.


Some airlines charge for extra baggage that is checked through the baggage claim. This is important to calculate if you plan on bringing a great deal of luggage on your holiday or trip to London. The cost for the trip can be significantly higher the more luggage you bring.

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