Finding cheap flights to London from Dublin is easy!

If you’re hoping to find cheap flights to London from Dublin, you’re in luck. In fact you’re likely to be stuck for choice. So let us help you by choosing a random day (the 6th of September 2011) and comparing prices of what’s on offer.

As Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) is based in Dublin, let’s start with this famous budget airline that offers 4-5 flights every day to London Gatwick. We looked at prices to the UK capital on the 6th of September and found a flight for just €24.99 including taxes. You can get an even cheaper deal for €14.99 if you fly to London Stansted and remember Ryanair also fly to London Luton from the Irish capital. But don’t leave booking until the last minute: a similar flight in August to Gatwick costs €106.88.

Your second option is to fly with some great Irish hospitality on Irish Airline Aer Lingus (www.aerlingus.com), who fly to London Gatwick daily. A flight on the 6th of September currently comes in at €0! However with taxes the flight costs €19.99. Aer Lingus also flies to London Heathrow every day. A flight on the 6th September also costs €0, €29.99 with taxes.

Finally, take a look at BMI (www.flybmi.com) who fly from Dublin to London Heathrow. Flights are advertised at €29. This seems like a popular option: on the 6th  of September, of the 5 flights available, 4 had sold out and the flight, with only 3 seats still available, was the the late one, which came in at €38.70.

Please note that airfares quoted here can change from day to day depending on the availability of flights, but in general, you’ll save money if you want to get  cheap flights to London from Dublin by booking your tickets in advance and travelling on weekdays. Enjoy your trip!

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