Cheap flights to Liverpool from Dublin with Ryanair.

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A lot of people are completely Anti - Ryanair because they feel like they don't get the same personal treatment such as Aer Lingus and other airlines. The fact is: Do we really care about customer service on a flight that takes slightly longer than 30 minutes? Ryanair are the only airline to offer cheap flights to Liverpool from Dublin at the moment.

Whilst Ryanair might make the headlines for the wrong things, you have to give them one thing - nobody can even match their prices for short-haul travel between Ireland and the UK.

Ryanair fly between Dublin and Liverpool at least three times per day from each base. There is usually a morning flight, evening flight and night flight before midnight. Prices can often be found for free during selected promotions and by booking with a pre-paid Mastercard. Booking with any other card incurs a £/€5 charge for each flight.

Even when there is not a promotion on you can easily get return flights for €30. Most of their one way flights can be purchased for less than €12 with all taxes included.

Be aware, with Ryanair you must print out your own boarding card prior to the flight commencing. Failure to do so will result in a €40 airport fee for re-issuing the card. Also note that Ryanair charge a fee of €20 to bring luggage with you each way.

The cheapest way for you to get cheap flights to Liverpool from Dublin is book in advance and travel light! Check out ryanair.com for the latest deals.


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