Looking for Cheap Flights to Lanzarote from Dublin? We've Found them for you!

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Now both Aer Lingus and Ryanair fly to the beautiful volcanic island of Lanzarote - that means more flights, more competition and ultimately far better prices for you the holiday maker. We're finding cheap flights to Lanzarote from Dublin for you!

In August with AerLingus you can fly out for €90 to Lanzarote's main airport Arrecife. A return flight will then set you back only €94. With accommodation so cheap on the sleepy island of Lanzarote and all prices are for sharing families or friends these flight prices will still keep your holiday under €300.

The temperature in Lanzarote is high all year round so if you wanted to escape the sweltering summer highs you could aim for the mid twenties and go in November. To travel to Lanzarote in November flights will costs you €129.99 return. You'll be flying in the low season so accommodation will be cheaper still.

Ryanair on the other hand offer flights nearly every day of the week but again keep your flight dates flexible and fly during the week to keep the price low. To fly to Lanzarote from Dublin in August you will pay minimum of €59.99 and the return flight will be €79.99. If you want to go in the autumn with Ryanair your flights will only cost €39.99 each way. Ryanair's weekend flights to Lanzarote aren't as frequent in the autumn but flying on a Sunday or Wednesday will ensure lower prices.

With all that fresh air, great big blue atlantic ocean to gaze at and snorkeling to attend to Lanzarote has never been more tempting. Making it more tempting still is when we find cheap flights to Lanzarote from Dublin for you!

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