Cheap flights to India

India is a multi-cultural, exotic holiday destination; from the cosmopolitan cities of New Delhi and Mumbai, to the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas, to the Taj Mahal in Agra, and even the wildlife preserves in the country, there's no shortage of exciting places to visit.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, named after former Prime Minister, was originally called Palam Airport; located in New Delhi, the airport is the second busiest in India, serving 23 million passengers in 2007.

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Air India Limited is the flag carrier of India, with a worldwide network of passenger and cargo services; it’s the only state-owned airline in the country. Its main base of operations are Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, and Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Air India offers economy class flights in and around the regional hub, as well as a few international routes.

IndiGo Airlines is a private, domestic, low-cost airline based in Gurgaon, India; it links 14 destinations within India. SpiceJet is another a low-cost airline based in New Delhi, India, that has flights around the regional hub. Voted as the best low-cost airline in South Asia and Central Asia region by Skytrax in 2007, it began operations in May 2005.

British Airways is one of several major airlines that provide economy class India flights.

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