Looking for cheap flights to Heathrow from Edinburgh?

Finding cheap flights to Heathrow from Edinburgh is not always easy if you do not know the right places to look.

Travelling across the country by air has never been easier, quicker or cheaper. It is a very popular choice for businesses and tourists alike. With journey times of less than and hour and a half and prices of less than £100 it is no surprise.

It can be extremely time consuming and laborious to search through each of the airline carrier's sites directly to find the cheapest flights. That is where flight comparison sites come into play. They search through a vast array of sites and instantly compare them to give you a simple easy to read list of relevant results.

When searching for cheap flights to Heathrow from Edinburgh through Cheap Flights (cheapflights.com) you can find some really cheap offers. In October for example, you can get a return flight from just £68. This is with BMI, and the flight takes just 1hr 20mins.

Another flight comparison site is Last Minute (lastminute.com). Looking through them, you can find deals in October for a little as £123 return. This is flying with British Airways and the journey also takes 1hr 20mins.

So with flights so cheap why travel any other way on such journeys; travelling from Edinburgh to London by car would take over 7 hours! The price of petrol alone for such a journey may cost as much as the flight, and the train prices come in high as well.

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