Cheap flights to Greece

More than being home of the Olympics, Greece is a haven of significant architecture and monuments, interesting art galleries, and stunning beaches. Discover the exceptional beauty of this country by checking out our featured cheap flights below.

Your gateway to Greece is through Athens International Airport, a hub for Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines; travellers frequently use Athens International Airport as a transfer point to Southeast and East Asia.

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easyJet, one of the major European no-frills, low-cost carriers is your best choice for cheap flights to Athens. You can also fly via Clickair or Vueling Airlines, if you’re travelling via Barcelona to and from Athens.

MyAir (Italian), SkyEurope (Czech), and Sterling Airlines (Denmark) are other low-cost airlines that offer Athens flights; Germanwings and airberlin, both budget-fare carriers, offers Athens flights via German cities. Airberlin is the only low-cost carrier that offers more amenities than other European no-frills, budget carriers.

Most major airlines offer economy class and premium economy class flights to and from Athens.

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