Cheap Flights to Dublin

The gateway to Dublin is Aerfort Bhaile Atha Cliath, or Dublin Airport, which is 10 km north of Dublin City. There are plans for an underground railway connecting the airport to Swords and Dublin’s city centre; meanwhile, you can reach the airport from the city by taking a bus or taxi.

You may fly via Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier, which offers Economy and Premium Economy Class services for budget travellers.

If you’re looking for really cheap Dublin flights, you can fly via Ryanair, Europe’s largest no-frills, budget airline, also based in Dublin. For flights like these, travellers usually pay just for the airfare, and there are no amenities for short-haul flights, while meal boxes are the only extras available in long-haul flights. Seats in budget-fare flights are usually unassigned.

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Another way to fly to Dublin is via SkyEurope, a small, budget-fare airline that offers cheap flights to Dublin, mainly eastern European cities, particularly Czech Republic.

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