Cheap flights from Manchester to Dalaman

Dalaman Airport, located in the Dalaman region of Turkey's Mugla Province on its south western coast, is used as a gateway airport for most travellers heading to tourist destinations in the area. These tourist destinations include Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Hisaronu and several others.

If you are looking for cheap flights to Dalaman from Manchester, you have several airline options to choose from, all of which can sometimes offer you the cheapest deals depending on your season of travel and the flexibility of your departure date.

Invariably the cheapest three airlines are EasyJet (which is always among the major saving options), FlyThomasCook and Monarch. All of these airlines offer regular cheap flights from Manchester to Dalaman Airport, and so every day you have a healthy competition from which you can choose.

While it is fortunate that this level of competition among the cheapest airlines tends to push the fares down, it is unfortunate that this means it is impossible to predict or even generalise regarding prices.

It can be observed that the cheapest return flights to Dalaman outside of the main holiday season can cost somewhere between £150-£200 if you book well in advance online, by some combination of these three cheap airlines.

During July and August, you can expect to pay closer to £250. Around Christmas time (December, January and even extending into February), a return fare can cost upwards of £270 and even as much as £300. The same rise in price is noticeable if you book a short notice flight - that is, a flight in which the departure date is less than a month away from the booking date.

Because of this competition between airlines, and the complexity of choice which it creates, the best way to choose cheap flights to Dalaman is to use a price comparisons website like skyscanner.net to find out what your best travel plan is.

After choosing which flights seem best for you, check those exact flights on the individual airlines' websites - because you might see them listed for smaller costs than those recorded on the price comparisons site.

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