Cheap flights to Cyprus from Dublin Airport

In need of a quick and cheap getaway? You can find cheap flights to Cyprus from Dublin and give yourself some much needed downtime.  As always you need to book as far in advance as possible in order to secure the cheapest flights.  Being flexible with your travel dates can be extremely helpful also and allow you to make the most of any special deals on offer during the time you choose.

When flying in Europe then it is hard to beat Ryanair for competitive prices.  Ryanair currently do not have any direct flights to Cyprus but not to worry.  Larnaca International Airport serves as the main hub in Cyprus and Ryanair do fly there directly from Girona (Barcelona), Brussels and Dusseldorf.

The other major players in the low fare aireline war are of course EasyJet.  As EasyJet doesn't fly from Dublin you would have to be willing to fly from Belfast Airport.  EasyJet do offer direct flights from London to both Larnaca and Paphos with direct flights also available from Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh to Paphos.

These two carrier options give you a lot of flexibility to reduce the cost of your trip.  Flights are often available for €10 or less between Dublin and Brussels, Dusseldorf and Girona one-way with Ryanair.  Then from any to these it is possible to find flights to Cyprus for around €40 one way meanning that the total cost would come in around €100 for 4 legs of the journey.

Ryanair provides the best option for cheap flights to Cyprus from Dublin and at €100 return, albeit with a stopover, you will get to enjoy the sights of Cyprus on the cheap.

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