Finding Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Cheap flights to Cyprus

Cyprus has two main international airports with regular connections to cities all over the UK and other countries in Europe. These are Larnaca and Paphos. Larnaca is in the central southern part of the island while Paphos is in the predominantly Greek area along the western coast of the island.

Various budget airlines offer cheap flights to Cyprus to both airports, including Ryanair, Easyjet and Flythomascook. Flights for as low as £50 for a one-way ticket including all mandatory charges and taxes can be had. If your dates and departure point is as flexible as possible, then you may even be able to find something cheaper.

Flythomascook.com has many cheap flights to popular holiday destinations around Europe. Home to one of the best-known package holiday companies in the UK, they can also offer some great value deals including flights, accommodation and even food. For just the flights, a one-way ticket to Cyprus can cost as little as £44.99 from Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham. They also have flights from other cities around the UK, although prices for the less popular routes tend to be higher.

Easyjet.com, home to one of the largest budget carriers in Europe, frequently offers cheap flights to Cyprus from as little as £56.99 one-way, including all taxes and other mandatory charges. The best deals are generally found on flights from London Gatwick or from Manchester to Paphos. Flights to Larnaca depart from London Gatwick and cost upwards of £59.99 one-way including taxes and all compulsory charges.

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