Choose EasyJet for cheap flights to Crete

Cheap flights to Crete

Until recently a holiday in Crete usually involved signing up for a hotel and flight package, or paying high prices for flight-only options. EasyJet's new cheap flights to Crete offer independent travellers the option to make their own arrangements.

EasyJet (easyjet.com) flies direct to Heraklion from Bristol, London Gatwick and Manchester between March and November, with outward flights from £23.99 and return flights from £34.33. If you travel light (bikini, sunglasses and sun lotion should cover most eventualities) you can probably grab a round trip flight for under £75.

Easyjet also flies to Chania from London Gatwick between March and November, with outward flights from £29.99 and inbound flights from £32.33.

Heraklion (heraklion-crete.org) is the main city on Crete, and worth a day's exploration before you head to the beaches. Archaeology enthusiasts will find the Heraklion Museum fascinating, and will want to see the ruins of the ancient city of Knossos.

Chania (chania.org.uk) is on the north-west coast of Crete. Its old town and Venetian harbour are beautifully preserved or restored and add considerable charm to the town. It's a great place to wander, and perhaps pick out a waterside restaurant for sunset dining.

Most people hopping on the cheap flights to Crete are here for the beaches though. Golden Beach is Chania's most popular strip of sand, just a short stroll from the old town. Platanias is 11 kilometres west, a picturesque beach resort with great stretches of sand. Stalos, 7 kilometres west of Chania, is more developed and busier but also has a great beach.

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