Cheap Flights to Canada

Canada awaits you with lots of tourist attractions and fun activities! See the breathtaking regions of Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories; or explore Toronto’s shopping haven, restaurants, sport stadiums, and even the trendy bars and clubs. Book a flight now in any of the featured low-cost carriers below.

Your gateway to Canada is either through Toronto Pearson International Airport or Vancouver International Airport; Pearson is also the primary hub for Air Canada, the nation’s flag carrier.

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Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline, which offers Canada flights on economy class service that includes reclining seats and personal on-demand audio/video. Meals are served on flights longer than 5 hours; non-alcoholic beverages are available for free while you have to pay for alcoholic drinks. Air Canada also offers a frequent-flier promo service called Aeroplan, where you can avail of free flights and other privileges if you log in enough travel miles with the airline.

Westjet is Canada’s leading budget airline and second-largest fleet after Air Canada. As a no-frills airline modelled after Southwest, Westjet offers unassigned seats, no complimentary snacks, and no amenities like blankets; just the bare essentials that can tide you through your travel. In 2006 Westjet was rated the second-best airline service in North America.

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