Cheap Flights to Bulgaria

Your Bulgarian holiday starts at the Sofia Airport on Sofia’s Christopher Columbus Boulevard, home of the national airline, Bulgaria Air. It connects to London (Heathrow), Rome, and Madrid, as well as other European cities. British Airways, Lufthansa, and Air France are just some of the European airlines which fly into Sofia Airport.

"Your best value in the sky," SkyEurope, is a low-cost airline from Central Europe, with bases in Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. They even have a frequent flyer program called SkySaver, which gives discounts for booking online and paying with a credit card. Forget about bland, packaged lunches. For a few Euros, you can order salmon baguettes, salami focaccia, and healthy salads.

Check out photos of Bulgaria here!

"Straightforward, easy, and accessible" is how WizzAir, a budget airline headquartered in Hungary, describes its services. Soon to launch its 10th base in Romania in 2009, WizzAir also calls Sofia Airport its hub. Expect great service from its friendly staff, and marvel at the latest in aviation technology on your flight to Bulgaria. The Airbus A320 is WizzAir’s aircraft of choice.

EasyJet is another carrier offering cheap Bulgaria flights to and from London Gatwick Airport. Seats are unassigned.

If you’re headed to Pamporovo’s ski resort, Plovdiv International airport is your plane’s likely destination.

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