Cheap Flights to Brighton

The closest airport to Brighton is Shoreham Airport, but the place has recently closed down public flights, since it's currently used for training aircraft. If you're looking for cheap flights to Brighton, chances are you'll be using London’s Gatwick Airport; from there, you can commute by rail, bus, or taxi to Brighton.

You may fly using British Airways, which is UK’s flag carrier; BA offers a premium economy standard, World Traveller Plus, which allows subscribers to have the best economy seats, added baggage allowance, and online check-in services. Flying with World Traveller Plus will also let you earn Tier points and travel mileage points, for future discounts and free flights.

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For cheap, no-frills flights to Gatwick Airport, you may fly with easyJet and Ryanair, 2 of the largest budget carriers in Europe. You may also fly on other smaller airlines that offer low-cost flights to Gatwick, like Clickair (based in Barcelona) and Zoom Airlines (based in Canada). On a no-frills, budget-fare European flight, you'll get unassigned seats, meal boxes only on long-haul flights, and virtually no complimentary in-flight amenities.

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