Cheap flights to Benidorm in October 2011

Cheap flights to Benidorm 2011

Benidorm is a wonderful holiday destination on Spain’s Costa Blanca. On top of its glorious beaches, myriad bars and restaurants and historic Old Town, it boasts winter temperatures often reaching 20C. If you are feeling disappointed by the shabby British summer then read on for information on cheap flights to Benidorm in October 2011.

The first thing to understand about booking cheap flights to Benidorm in October 2011 is that there is no airport in the town. Nevertheless, the nearest is only 60km away at Alicante and once landed you will find an abundance of public and private transport to whisk you to your accommodation.

A great place to find your flights is through Easyjet.com. Easyjet fly to Alicante Airport from 11 destinations across the UK, including Belfast, Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

If you are located in the south west of England then your best option for cheap flights to Benidorm in 2011 is from Bristol International Airport. There are two flights per day departing for Alicante Airport, one at 7.00am and another at 7.40pm. Outbound fares for October are currently available from £24.99 per person.

Should you be in the north of England then you can choose to fly from either Manchester or Newcastle. The Manchester flight departs at 6.15am with October rates starting from £32.99 one way. Travelling from Newcastle you can expect to pay from £33.99 per person one way.

When booking with Easyjet it is important to bear a few things in mind. As the airline offers discounted rates the flights sell out quickly so you need to be fast to avoid missing out. Also, you need to be aware of extra charges and sneaky hidden costs relating to baggage allowance.

For more information and the latest flight rates, visit www.easyjet.com.

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