How to Obtain Cheap Flights to Belfast International

Cheap flights to Belfast International

With a list of destinations including London, New York, Barcelona and Tenerife, over 4 million travellers (figures taken from belfastairport.com) arrived or departed from Northern Ireland in 2010.

Cheap flights to Belfast International airport can be obtained in a number of ways.

Time of Travel

Avoid booking flights on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon as this is when most business passengers travel (Business passengers account for 30% of all Belfast International airport travellers -CAA Survey Statistics).

Similarly, most tourists travel at the weekend, so prices will be higher as airlines and travel companies work on supply and demand.

The cheapest time to travel to Belfast International airport is likely to be late at night, during the week.

Prices of flights will also be higher during holiday seasons. So for a cheap ticket to Belfast International avoid travelling during Christmas, New Year, Easter and School Holidays.

Book Direct

By booking direct with an airline, you may avoid paying third party charges.

Payment Method

Many airlines and holiday companies charge heavy fees for using debit or credit cards. By law, they have to offer a free option when booking online. Find out what the option is for the company you want to use and open a basic account at the respective bank, simply to get their debit card.


Possibly the best way to book cheap flights to Belfast International is through the internet. There are many online travel companies offering discounted flights to Northern Ireland. Most of them will compare a range of flight prices to offer the best deal. However, some of the company's prices are more current than others.


For flight offers to Belfast International airport visit orbitz.com. If  another Orbitz customer books the same itinerary for less, Orbitz will send a cash refund for the difference.

With a bit of research and careful planning it is possible to find cheap flights to Belfast International.

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