Find cheap flights to Australia in 2012

Flying to Australia from the UK is going to be a major expense no matter how you look at it. However, by using these simple tips, you should be able to pick up relatively cheap flights to Australia in 2012.

Book as far in advance as possible. There's really no such thing as cheap last minute flights - on the vast majority of flights, the seats start at their cheapest when all of them are still available, and then gradually rise in price as they sell out. Have you ever gone to book a flight only to be told at the last stage that the price has risen by a few pounds? That's because someone else was booking their tickets at the same time as you and got in a little before you. It's therefore a good idea to book as early as you can - airlines normally release tickets for sale 12 months before the departure date.

Look for a day and time that are going to be less popular with other travellers. Flights that leave in the early hours of the morning, flights that have a long connection time, flights that depart in low season (June, July and August for Australia) and flights on Tuesdays and Thursdays all tend to be cheaper. This is because less people want to travel on the flight, leaving seats at a cheaper price for longer. In our opinion, saving a couple of hundred pounds is worth a few hours of inconvenience.

So start looking for your cheap flights to Australia today!

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