Looking for cheap flights to Australia in 2011?

Australia is a dream destination for many Brits, and with year round sunshine, friendly people and great food, it is easy to see why. Yet flights down under have traditionally been wallet busting, with prices often far in excess of £1000 for return flights from the U.K. But it doesn't have to be this way, with more and more airlines flying to Oz from a variety of British airports, prices have dropped, and visiting Australia no longer has to break the bank. Here's some current offerings for cheap flights to Australia in 2011.

China Airlines can get you to Sydney for the affordable price of £685 if you are prepared to travel via the Taiwanese capital Taipei. This price gets you an economy seat on flights from London and this exclusive deal is available through The Wise Miser website until the end of April.

Korean Air are an often overlooked alternative for getting to Australia cheaply. By taking an indirect flight from London via Seoul, you can get to your antipodean destination for as little as £795 per person in the peak summer months. That price gets you return flights to Melbourne, and for just £10 more, you can go all the way to Sydney. This deal is available through Southall Travel.

If you wish to fly from somewhere other than London then Emirates, with regional hubs in airports such as Newcastle and Edinburgh are a great option. Return flights from Newcastle to Sydney Kingsford Smith start from around £950 for travel in May. While this is a fair bit more than the alternatives, Emirates offers fantastic levels of comfort and hospitality, so for such a long haul flight it may be worth shelling out the extra.

So if you are looking for cheap flights to Australia in 2011, it may be worth booking as early as possible for the best deals. Alternatively, it is always worth directly contacting airlines to see if there are any last- minute cancellations, as this can get you knock down discount deals for flights to a range of destinations.

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