Cheap flights to Antalya

Sun, sand, and spectacular beaches are the perfect ingredients to a fun holiday. Visit Antalya, and indulge in all three!

Your gateway to this Mediterranean paradise is Antalya Airport, 10 km (6 miles) east of the city centre of Antalya, Turkey. The airport is the access point to Turkey’s popular holiday destinations along the country’s Mediterranean coast.

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Budget-fare airlines that have cheap Antalya flights include airberlin (Germany-based), and transavia (Netherlands-based). Major airlines that have Antalya flights are British Airways (U.K.), and local charter, Sky Airlines.

British Airways offers economy and premium economy flights to Antalya for travellers on a budget. Travel using BA’s premium economy standard, World Traveller Plus, and enjoy perks such as the best economy seats, online check-in services, and added baggage allowance. Flying with World Traveller Plus also gives you the chance to avail of future discounts and even free flights, if you earn enough Tier points and travel mileage points.

Sky Airlines offers in-flight sandwiches and light snacks, hot towels, in-flight magazines for adults, colouring books for kids, duty-free items, and alcoholic beverages for sale. The airline also provides gifts for special occasions like Easter and Christmas.

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