Book online for cheap flights to Amritsar from Birmingham

Cheap flights to Amritsar from Birmingham

Looking for cheap flights to Amritsar from Birmingham? This blog will help you in your quest to find the best deals to one of India’s finest cities.

Amritsar sits to the north of India in the state of Punjab, dominated by the majestic Golden City, Sikhism’s holiest shrine. This is a city in which visitors can experience the true flavours of India. Wander the maze of bazaars and pick out bargain souvenirs, sample the delights of Punjabi cuisine and head to the Pakistani border for the not-to-be-missed border closing ceremony.

There are a few things to bear in mind when searching online for cheap flights to Amritsar from Birmingham. Firstly, the popularity of India as a holiday destination is growing by the day therefore the best deals are to be found when booking well in advance. Secondly, there are currently no direct flights so you will need to connect at least once, usually in Delhi or Mumbai.

One company presently offering cheap flights to Amritsar from Birmingham is Dial A Flight. Today’s best deal starts from £619 per person inclusive of tax. These flights are limited so you need to get in quick before they sell out. For more information on these flight offers you can visit www.dialaflight.com or call 0844 811 4444.

Also offering affordable flights to Amritsar is Southall Travel. This travel agency specialises in flights and packages to India with rates to Amritsar starting from £620. Check out the latest deals at www.southalltravel.com or call 0844 855 8001 to speak directly to an agent.

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