Where to Find Cheap Flights to Alicante in 2011

Cheap flights to Alicante 2011

Alicante Airport, Spain's sixth busiest, is a popular destination for travellers to Madrid, Barcelona and the whole of the Costa Blanca. With so many cheap flights to Alicante in 2011, it's also possible to arrive here without spending a lot of money, and these airlines offer some of the cheapest airfares around.

cheapflights.co.uk - A good place to start your search for cheap flights to Alicante in 2011 is at Cheap Flights, an excellent website that searches current airfares for flights originating all over the UK.

At Cheap Flights, you'll find airfares as cheap as £75 round-trip from Gatwick to Alicante on AVRO Air, or from Manchester for £57 round trip on Monarch. Book your flight for October or November and you'll find these cheap deals plus more.

dealchecker.co.uk - Deal Checker is another must-check website, before you book anywhere else, as they check a number of other websites for the best deals, so you don't have to.

They have listed flights from London and Manchester in October and November, 2011, beginning at £188.20 round-trip and that's flying on a Saturday, typically one of the most expensive days to fly.

Look at flights on Iberia Airlines here, for the cheapest flights.

Monarch Air (monarch.co.uk) - Monarch has some excellent deals in October and November, 2011 from all over the UK to Alicante.

You can fly from Birmingham one-way for only £38.99, or London Luton from £37.99 going out and £53.99 on the return flight.

Monarch also flies to Alicante from London Gatwick, and Manchester, with cheap deals on flights from every airport for 2011.

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