Looking for cheap flights from Newcastle to Amsterdam?

Cheap flights from Newcastle to Amsterdam

Newcastle Airport is steadily increasing its flight numbers and destinations year on year, and is now one of Britain's most popular travel hubs. It makes travelling from the north east of England to other UK and European destinations a quick and cheap process.

Many people are not aware of the amount of flights leaving the airport and overlook it in their searches. There is also a ferry service from Newcastle to Amsterdam, which can be very useful to those wishing to take their cars with them. However for passengers the prices and journey times can be very off putting.

You can now get cheap flights from Newcastle to Amsterdam all year round, and with flight times of just 1hr 30mins, it makes the beautiful Dutch city easily accessible.

There are a number of flight comparison sites that will do all of the work of searching through endless websites and keeping notes on all of the times, prices and details for you.

If you search through Cheap Flights (cheapflights.co.uk) then you will find that you can get a return flight from Newcastle to Amsterdam in October from just £118. This is with KLM which is the Dutch airline.

If you prefer to fly with British Airways then you can find flights through E Bookers (ebookers.com). In October there are flights from £182.69 return with British Airways, and this includes one changeover at London Heathrow.

There are also KLM direct flights available on this site, and these start from £122.78 for a return trip in October.


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