Cheap Flights to New Zealand

Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are a great way to find cheap flights to New Zealand.

Visit websites such as Travelsupermarket.com, Opodo.co.uk or Skyscanner.net and enter your search criteria. This includes your origin and destination airports, desired time and dates of your travel and passenger information.

Browse through the flights results generated, which you can rank in order of price from low to high, allowing you to quickly and easily see the cheapest available flights to New Zealand.


Making Travel Cheaper

You can make further savings on cheap flights to New Zealand if you are flexible with your travel arrangements.

When using Skyscanner.net, for example, you can search for flights simply between the entire UK and New Zealand, which means you can find the cheapest flight even if the original and destination airports are not ideal.

Furthermore, Skyscanner.net allows you to look at all of the flights for particular days, months and even calendar years, allowing you to source the cheapest flight in an entire 12 month period.

Things to Consider

A typical flight between the English and New Zealand capital cities — London and Wellington — takes close to 30 hours and involves at least one layover.

When surveying cheap flights to New Zealand, make sure that the length of time for your layover is enough for you to take your luggage from your first flight, pass through security at your layover airport and check your luggage in to your second and, if applicable, third flights.

Ideally, you need at least two hours to ensure that you can get your bags from one flight and onto the other, and losing your luggage can be a very frustrating process.


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