Cheap flights to New York city NY Kennedy Intl JFK

New York City is many people's favourite city in the world, the energy and atmosphere in the city is unlike any other place on earth, hence why it is known as the city that never sleeps. One of the greatest things about New York, I feel, is that every time you visit you will find something new and amazing that will take your breath away.

No matter how many times you visit, you will always have a different type of holiday and experience. If you are travelling to the city for the first time there are a couple of sights that every person must see. Firstly there is Times Square and it's manic hustle and bustle, a trip up the Empire State Building is a must anmd if you can rent the earphones which describe the views you are seeing, making it an infinitely better experience, take a boat the short distance to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, two of New York's iconic landmarks and lastly a trip to Central Park.

For a different type of New York holiday, try getting away from midtown Manhattan, why not walk the Brooklyn Bridge and visit Brooklyn, take a trip to Coney Island or Rockaway Beach, take the subway and enjoy the hundreds of different people that you will come into contact with, walk the lesser known streets and you will almost definitely find a hidden gem in this metropolis but mostly it is up you how you want to spend it and here are cheap flights new york city ny kennedy intl jfk.

Cheapflights.co.uk have probably the best price for flights and they are offering return flights to JFK airport for £292 including taxes while they have a deal for return tickets in peak season for £392 including taxes.

During the peak season of July and August flights can get quite expensive and virgin-atlantic.com have their cheapest fare at £592 which would be half a holiday budget for a lot of people but on the other hand a New York holiday is a once in a lifetime holiday. I hope this has helped in your search for cheap flights new york city ny kennedy intl jfk.

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