Cheap flights from London to Lisbon

Cheap flights from London to Lisbon can be a difficult thing to come by. We have found a website that will help you get everything in order and stay on the cheap side of things. As long as you are flexible with your dates there are savings to be made.

When it comes to Lisbon there are certain months that are best avoided. February to April being the peak season and it picks up again in Autumn. This basically means that you are at the perfect time to be flying out! The good news is that Lisbon has basically great weather all year round so there is no real worry about weather.

Again, as long as your are flexible with your dates you should have no problems finding some truly great prices. When you search on a flight fare website you should always allow a few day to ensure that you get the best rate for that week of flights.

In this case the best rates we found were on the 'eDreams' website. eDreams is a website dedicated to finding it's customers the best possible prices on their flights. We checked out flights that leave on the 17th of this month and return on the 24th. A direct flight from London to Lisbon round trip was only £150 per passenger.

Hit up the eDreams website for yourself and see what they can do for you. There are so many great flight fares you are sure to find something around your departure dates. For cheap flights from London to Lisbon there is no better website out there.

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