Finding cheap flights to Jamaica

Cheap flights to Jamaica

There aren't all that many airlines that travel between the UK and Jamaica, as many UK airlines are not transatlantic. So there are two ways to approach a search for cheap flights, the first is to check the individual airlines that make the journey, and see which offers the best price. Currently your options are British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, US Airways and United. Of those the cheapest for most dates at the moment is American Airlines, and you can book with them from americanairlines.co.uk.

The other way to look for cheap flights to Jamaica is to visit a price comparison site for flights. There are many sites offering this service, and they tend to return similar results to one another. One of the best though, purely because of its layout and ease of use, is skyscanner.net. It allows you to be as picky about your flight as you want, filtering results by airports, flight times, airlines and more, and then shows all relevant flights in a clear and easy to understand list. Going through one of these sites will often get you cheaper flights than booking direct with the airlines, as these comparison sites also return results from travel agents who often undercut the airlines standard price. It's also quicker doing things this way, as you only have to go to one site and it will check all the prices for you.

Whatever company you book through you'll be hard pressed to find a flight for less than £500, but at least if you use these tips to do a thorough search you can be confident that you're getting the best price possible.

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